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Become a Better Leader- Here’s How

By: Mariah Rogers
May 26, 2020 • 4 min read

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Expanding on your leadership skills can be a fantastic way to enhance your presence in the workplace. Every team needs a leader and mentor, regardless of the job or industry. If you are in a leadership role and are hoping to improve your skills, this is the blog for you. Perfect your management skills and help to boost team morale. Keep reading to learn how to become a better leader.

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Listen Closely

This is a crucial component to fantastic communication skills, that is far too often overlooked. Being a great presenter, speaker, director, and manager are all critical traits every good communicator should possess. However, none of these traits are feasible without the ability to listen. Leaders who listen to their subordinates are often more tuned-in to the strengths and weaknesses of their team. They are also viewed as more approachable, allowing team members to feel comfortable asking questions or for support in the workplace. To be a better leader, its crucial to listen fully. This means taking the time to hear subordinates’ comments and concerns without interrupting. Make time to check-in with teammates and truly listen to what they have to say. Always listen in hopes of understanding and helping them.

Be an Active Learner

To be a better leader, it is important to push yourself to keep learning. Having a growth-seeking and active learner mindset can help you continue to connect with your team. If you are always willing and eager to learn new things, even from less experienced employees, it will help you to continue to evolve as a leader. Be hungry for knowledge, settle for nothing but your best!

Make Mistakes & Learn from Them

Even if you are in a leadership role or position, you are bound to make mistakes here and there on your career path. The vital skill everyone aiming to be a better leader should grasp is the ability to learn from these mistakes. Accept your failures as a learning opportunity and identify what went wrong so that you don’t repeat your mistakes in the future. Showing your team that you make mistakes and can move forward from them promotes flexibility and creativity in the workplace.

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Respect Is A Two-Way Street

If you are working to be a better leader, understanding the concept of mutual respect is undoubtedly important. If you give respect to your team by actively listening, practicing good communication, and promote a learning environment, you can bet they’ll give you the same in return. Far too often, leaders abuse their power as a superior and expect respect without contributing. If you make respect a two-way street, you’ll promote a better work environment and become a better leader during the process.

Be Confident

You were likely promoted to a leadership role due to your excellent work ethic and understanding of the task at hand. Be confident in yourself and your ability to navigate the workplace and manage teams of people. Confidence is contagious, so by exuding your positivity, others will do the same. Leading by example is an essential part of becoming a better leader. Be a role model for subordinates and showcase your professionalism.

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