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Bartending Tips For Beginners

By: Mariah Rogers
May 3, 2021 • 4 min read

Bartending Tips For Beginners – What You Need To Know!

Welcome back to JobGet’s snippets series! In this blog, we will be diving deep into bartending tips for beginners. COVID vaccines are ramping up across the US, and we can expect this summer to feel a bit more normal. Therefore, bars and pubs should also experience a rise in customers who come for a summer cocktail! Cheers to that.

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Bartender Job Description

As a bartender, it is your job to create custom drinks depending on the individual requests of your customers. The restaurant/bar you work at will typically have a basic menu for customers to choose from, but many have a specific taste when it comes to enjoying their favorite adult beverage! With such a wide variety of refreshments to choose from, you must know how to make them all. You can expect a typical job description to look like the following:

We are seeking a motivated and independent individual with excellent customer service to join our team as a bartender. Candidates must be familiar with bartending and be able to create delicious drinks with the ingredients provided. Applicants must be friendly and willing to build a relationship with customers while on the job. Basic bartending/customer service experience is preferred. 

Job Specifications

Next, we will take a look at some specific duties you will be expected to perform while working as a bartender.

  • Make a variety of alcoholic beverages for customers.
  • Must be familiar with the establishment’s drink menu.
  • Be flexible when accommodating individual needs from customers.
  • Must keep a clean and orderly working space.

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Application Qualifications

When applying for a job as a bartender, it is important to utilize the job description to your advantage. Highlight the specific skills and requirements listed in your resume and cover letter. This is sure to impress the hiring manager, as they will notice you have read over the application requirements carefully!

Some of the basic qualifications for applying to be a bartender are as follows:

  • RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Certification.
  • Must be familiar with different drinks/cocktails and know how to make them.
  • Some customer service/restaurant experience.
  • Reliable and trustworthy.
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment while still tending to each customer’s needs.

Average Salaries

Bartenders have the ability to do very well for themselves, especially if they are able to accommodate individual customer needs. This means that you will have a big opportunity to make tips while bartending! The average hourly wage for bartenders is $11/hour. However, if you know how to make some very tasty beverages, you can quickly rack up extra cash in the form of gratuity.

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Resume Keywords

When crafting your resume for this position, it is crucial to refer back to the job description. Study the individual job posting and try to use some of the same keywords in your resume. This can help you stand out as a top candidate! Let’s take a look at some common keywords you can include:

  • Committed to customer service.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Reliable, responsible, and trustworthy.
  • Skilled at the art of mixology.
  • Can be flexible and make accommodations on the spot.
  • Able to stay calm and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.

Bartender Dress Code

Your specific dress code will depend on the preferences of the establishment you end up working for. However, you can expect to stock up on a few pairs of black pants and black tops. Most bartenders are required to wear all-black attire. However, your business might also encourage you to wear a nametag or pop of the brand’s signature colors.

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Interview Questions

After you have completed your resume and have submitted your application materials for a final review, it is time to start preparing for your interview. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked interview questions you should prepare for when applying for a service job.

Q: Why are you a good fit for this position?

A: I am a good fit for this position because I am extremely experienced working in the customer service industry. I have five years of previous restaurant service experience, and I know how to diffuse customer conflict and help maintain a positive work environment for all.

Q: What is your favorite part about bartending?

A: I enjoy the customers the most! I love to hear about their lives and stories while making them a delicious drink to enjoy. Building strong relationships with customers is a top priority for me. As a result, I am able to serve as a strong representation of the business as a whole.

Q: What are three words someone would use to describe you?

A: My friends and family would describe me as passionate, caring, and confident. I am able to think critically and maintain confidence in myself even during stressful situations.

Growth Opportunities

Once you become established within a certain business, you can migrate to working for the kitchen staff, special events staff, or higher-level management. It’s all about showing your commitment to the business! The growth opportunities for bartenders are plentiful.

tips for bartending

Similar Positions

If you are interested in working in customer service but unsure if you want to pursue bartending, there are plenty of other roles out there that you can explore. First, it is important to find an industry you are interested in. You can look into retail, food service, chain establishments, or small businesses! The choice is yours.

What are your top bartending tips for beginners? Let us know in the comments below!

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