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Avoid Burnout During Your Summer Internship

By: Mariah Rogers
Jun 2, 2020 • 4 min read

Avoid Burnout During Your Summer Internship – Here’s How

Working an internship during the summer months can be an enlightening, transformative, and inspiring learning experience. You will be able to work closely with a company and learn the day-to-day operations of a specific industry. Plus, you will have the opportunity to form connections with supervisors and mentors that can help jumpstart your career and offer fantastic recommendations. While this all seems great, balancing a summer internship in between rigorous academic semesters can be challenging. This blog will share how to avoid burnout during your summer internship.

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Keep Your Weekends Work-Free

It is summer after all, and if you are from Boston, you know how short the warm months may seem. Take advantage of your time off and use weekends to recharge and enjoy the beautiful weather. This might mean putting in a few extra hours to finish any lingering work at your internship on Friday’s. Still, the benefits for your physical and mental health will be extraordinary. Connect with friends, spend time with family, and focus on hobbies you enjoy during your time off. Not only will this help you to make the most of your summer vacation, but you will be refreshed when you walk back into the office on Monday, ready to tackle another week.

Prepare and Organize

Keeping organized and being prepared are crucial tips to abide by when navigating your summer internship. You will most likely have to travel to your place of work, so eliminate some of this stress by having a transportation plan before your first day. Having a consistent, reliable travel source will help ease worry about making it into work on time. Utilizing public transportation such as busses or trains, can be a fantastic solution for this! Also, prepare for work the night before. Pack a lunch and layout a work-appropriate outfit so that mornings will become a breeze.

Plan Events in Advance

Keeping a balance between your work and personal lives can help you enjoy your summer while also benefiting from your internship opportunity. Planning events in advance, such as a bonfire with friends, beach trips with the family, or long weekend vacation, can be very beneficial. By making plans in advance, you will have events to look forward to, and avoid the stress of making last-minute events that could fall through. Having exciting plans outside of work can significantly help you avoid burnout.

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Communicate with Other Interns

You’re all in this together! The company you are interning for likely has hired other college students to participate in the same program, even if it’s in a different department within the organization. Making connections and building friendships with other interns can help make going to work more fun. Also, it can be beneficial to get advice on how to avoid burnout from others in the same position.

Make the Most Of It

The summer will fly by, and your internship experience will be over before you know it. Make the most of every opportunity and connection presented to you during this exciting time. Remember how hard you worked to land this role, and always focus on improving yourself and your professional skills. Even if this is not your dream internship or your most desired way to spend the summer, it is a fantastic learning experience that will have a lasting impact on you.

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