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Are You Ready for a Promotion?

By: JobGet
Jun 2, 2020 • 3 min read

Ready for a Promotion? Here’s How You Can Make it Happen

Looking to move ahead in your career? Maybe you feel that you have paid your dues and are ready for more responsibility. Or you want to move into a more managerial position. No matter the reason, there are a variety of things you can do now to increase your chances of promotion in the future. Check out these tips for getting promoted at your job now.

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Do a Great Job

While an average job performance might be enough to keep you afloat, it doesn’t do much to improve your chances of receiving a promotion. Having excellent performance reviews will be critical for helping you advance to the next position in your career path. Therefore, it is essential to always put 100% in all of the work you do. Need somewhere to start? Establish concrete goals with your supervisor. Try to identify any goals or objectives that align with your department’s needs. 

Act Like a Team Player

One of the factors that helps a company flourish involves having a group of team players as employees. To act as a team player, it is imperative that you can effectively communicate with your co-workers, eagerly seek feedback, and learn how to speak honestly and assertively. You should also try to seek the extra mile when it comes to your work. Volunteer to assist with new team projects or serve on task forces for special projects. Help employees who are drowning in work. Avoid petty work squabbles such as gossip and cliques.

Advance Your Skills

Some companies offer professional development courses and seminars. Take advantage of these to learn new skills and increase your marketability. For instance, if you are a content writer, you might be interested in taking a class on video editing or photoshop to expand your capabilities. If you are an IT specialist, you could take an advanced class on cybersecurity and education. Thanks to free online courses and videos, you have a wealth of options to choose from.  

Don’t Slack Off

Make sure you show up to work on time and avoid taking excessive days off. You don’t want to be known as a slacker. While this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the day off for a personal emergency or to recover from the flu, you should remain aware of the number of days you are taking off. 

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Network Effectively with Your Colleagues

Forming good relationships with your colleagues is critical for increasing your chances of receiving a promotion. Company parties are an excellent opportunity for meeting and getting to know new colleagues, especially if your workplace has a large pool of employees. Try to form a personal relationship with your supervisor, as well. 

With enough elbow grease and the right amount of preparation, you can successfully move up the corporate ladder. How do you enhance your skills and become a better team player? Tweet us and share! For more helpful content, check out our blog. 

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