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9 Applicant Do’s and Don’ts That Will Help You Get a Job Now

By: Guest Author
Aug 18, 2021 • 5 min read

9 Applicant Do’s and Don’ts That Will Help You Get a Job Now – Here’s What You Need to Know!

Going on a job hunt is rarely an easy task. The hiring process can be challenging, and you’d have to spend hours rewriting your resumes, drafting cover letters, and going through several interviews. To get a job now, you have to keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind during the recruitment and interview stages.

DO: Submit an Updated Resume

One of the best ways to stand out is to submit a well-crafted resume. Beyond listing your responsibilities at your previous or current jobs, you must research current best practices in writing and formatting a resume. If you submit a polished and updated document, recruiters will have no qualms moving you into their ‘To Interview’ pile.

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DO: Showcase Your Skills

Instead of focusing on the positions you held, emphasize the skill sets you gained from previous jobs. List the tools you used in your jobs, the tasks you had to complete, and your day-to-day duties. Doing this helps your prospective employer figure out your strengths and the environment where you’ll thrive.

DON’T: Bury Your Certifications

Display your certifications clearly on your resume. These are among your best assets when you’re on a job hunt—this isn’t the time to be modest! Note, though, that you should only include certifications relevant to the role.

DON’T: Cram Making Your Resume

Recruiters will know if you rush through making your resume or answering the application. Spelling errors, grammatical inconsistencies, and other careless mistakes don’t reflect well on your work ethic. Make sure you put your best foot forward, even through paper.

DO: Know Common Interview Questions

Prepare answers to things interviewers always ask. For example, most interviews today start with, “Tell us a little bit about yourself,” or “What are you doing now?” Having talking points for these questions will give you more confidence, which builds your momentum.

DO: Take Ownership of Gaps

Everyone’s resume has potential red flags. For example, if you have a low GPA, had periods of unemployment, or switch jobs often, potential employers might hesitate to consider you unless you have a good explanation. Knowing how to talk about your past is critical—you have to be candid without putting yourself or other organizations down.

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DO: Research the Company

Be familiar with the organization you’re interviewing for—research their history, mission vision, and the role you want. Come to the interview with questions related to their plans or specifics about their context. It shows that you’re interested in the company beyond what they can do for you and actively invest in their growth.

DON’T: Assume Anything

Ask your interviewer about dress codes—don’t assume you know what to wear. Also, double-check the time, date, and venue; nothing worse than the wrong interview details costing you a position! Your interviewer will probably appreciate it if you clarify a couple of things.

DO: Organize Your Applications

You’re likely applying to multiple job openings, so you need to keep your documents organized. Make a folder for your applications, resumes, cover letters, and the responses you get—it will help to summarize this information in a spreadsheet. Having an organized folder will reduce your stress and help you find things you’re looking for right away.

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Now, Go Get That Job!

Don’t feel bad if you don’t hear back from recruiters right away. People are busy—they might be interested but are just attending to other things. While you’re waiting for potential employers to call, the best thing to do is come up with talking points for popular questions, research the company you’re applying for, and prepare thoroughly for an interview. Do all of these, stay patient, and you’ll land a job in no time!

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