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6 Reasons Why Employers Should Hire Recent Grads

By: JobGet
Sep 1, 2020 • 7 min read
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Employers – hiring a recent grad? Here’s what you need to know!

With the coronavirus pandemic hitting the world like ten trillion bricks, there are industries and populations in America that it has affected the most. One of those areas is education both for children and young adults. Though this is an ongoing obstacle, there are qualities these students have gained that employers should look out for in the new generation. Employers – hiring recent grads will only benefit your company – here we will give you 6 reasons why!

1. They are Fast Learners.

The students who were in college during March 2020 learn fast. Going from entirely in-person classes to virtual in a matter of weeks is quite the feat! They quickly had to master technologies like Zoom and WebEx, as well as how to efficiently communicate with their professors and classmates online. Their education was on the line, and though some professors were forgiving, they still had to be on top of what they needed to learn to finish out the semester.

How you can use this: Your company is changing the software you use for bookkeeping. A recent graduate will be able to make that change quickly and without any problems.

2. They Adapt to Change Easily

In the same vein of learning quickly, they can adapt to change easily. When presented with a completely new learning format, these students were willing to make the change to do their assignments. Change is always difficult to accept and get used to. These recent grads went from campus living and learning to right back home without much notice. Remote learning became the new normal for a lot of them, which is valuable for fast-moving jobs! As employers, you will benefit significantly from hiring grads who fit this description.

How you can use this: Your company is merging with another, there are new rules about who approves paperwork. These graduates will not have a problem with a new chain of command and implement it immediately.

3. They are Technology Savvy

The last thing you have to worry about concerning the classes of 2020 and 2021 is their ability to use technology. These students and graduates are sufficient in countless online programs. Some examples are Canvas, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Google Classroom, and many others. Not to mention the programs they were already using for college before remote learning! With the advancement in tech comes the need for continuous learning – these grads are up for the challenge.

How you can use this:  A new program is being implemented for recording hours worked. Your 2020/2021 graduate would be able to quickly learn the system and lead a workshop on how to use it. They will be able to teach and help others to learn the new change.

4. They are Organized

Sometimes college students can make it through their four years without a planner or calendar and get by. They may have missed a few meetings or two, but in the end, it won’t affect them much. When it comes to online learning, these students must stay on top of their schedules to get online for class. Everyone who works remotely knows that it is easy to get distracted by your personal life because you are in your own home. Whether it’s talking to the roommates or fighting with a sibling, these students know when to cut it off. In fewer words, they know when it’s time for work and when it’s not.

How you can use this: There is a deadline your graduate has to meet, but another assignment has come up, and you don’t know who can handle two at once. If you give it to the 2020/21 graduate, they will be able to prioritize what needs to get done and complete both assignments on time.

5. They are Hardworking

Throughout college, students get told, “half the work is just showing up!” This is no longer the case for recent grads. With the in-person element of education being taken away, students have to work twice as hard to get a good grade. They cannot just get out of bed and turn on their computers to get participation, it’s much more complicated than that. Recent grads will have the motivation and experience of working hard for what they want.

How you can use this: There’s an optional briefing at 8:00 AM every Friday at your company. You can count on your recent graduate to always be there, giving you their full attention. Not only will they take notes and ask questions, but they will also work hard to make a great impression.

6. They are Resilient

Employers need to see that having emotionally resilient individuals on their teams is integral to success. The class of 2020 was hit with the obstacle of finishing their senior year online. They were hit with the news that all of their lasts would never come, like walking across the stage to get their diploma. It was a rollercoaster ride of uncertainties – would their education even continue? Would they be able to get the degree that they worked so hard for? These were all questions that the class of 2020 was dealing with in March. Coping with uncertainty is one thing that these students know how to do, which is what has made them so resilient, and resilient employees are always an asset.

How you can use this: Everyone has their days when things are not quite working out. With a 2020/21 graduate, they are less likely to have an off day when their work is subpar. Even then, if they do have inferior work, they can take the feedback.

As employers, hiring recent grads can be a risk. Through these unprecedented times, births a new kind of employee. They are hard workers, tech moguls, strong, organized adapters that will pick things up on the spot. Internships and work opportunities have been slim during the pandemic. These graduates may not have experience professionally when joining your team. However, they will make up for it by what they have been forced to learn the past year and a half. They have the skillset and qualities to be the best employee for your companies’ future. Employers cannot go wrong with hiring these grads.


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