5 Essentials for Your Office Desk

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Sep 15, 2020 • 7 min read

5 Essentials for Your Office Desk

Office desks are usually compromised by the following: monitor, keyboard, cupholder, etc. For many, that’s more than enough. However, just having the necessary accommodations for your office desk isn’t enough. Many who work office jobs practically live in their cubicle, effectively making it their second home. With the right items, you can. It will boost your morale, comfort, and productivity while you work. This list details essential items that will make your office life easier and more comfortable.

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1. Blue Light Glasses

According to Mayo Clinic, being surrounded by blue light from your digital devices can cause severe strain to your eyes or frequent migraines — both health issues that are common among office workers. Your eyes may even become dry or irritated, or you might develop fatigue. If you’re experiencing this, you can reduce this by doing the following:

  • Close blinds or doors to prevent glare on your screen. Excess glare can irritate your eyes.
  • Lower your device’s brightness level. Reducing the amount of light your device is emitting can also prevent your eyes from straining, allowing for much more relaxed work.
  • Adjust your setup. Make sure your monitor is within an appropriate eye level and that you don’t have to make an effort to stare at the screen.
  • Use artificial tears. If your eyes are consistently dry, you may want to lubricate them with artificial tears. They can be bought over-the-counter for your convenience.
  • Take breaks. Your eyes sometimes need a break from high periods of concentration.

If you find out that despite these methods, you’re still having trouble with handling screen time, then you may need to consider blue light glasses. Blue light filters and glasses are still a new phenomenon, so there is still not a lot of research to consider the benefits, says The American Academy of Opthalmology. However, some individuals with blue light glasses report that it had remedied some of their health issues when it comes to electronics. 

Many Benefits

In response, a 2017 study performed by the University of Houston shows that the use of blue light blocking glasses “increased […] sleep quality,” with over half of their participants producing “[higher] melatonin levels.” Blue light, by the way, is known to block melatonin levels, which can make you have trouble sleeping. Better sleep, at least, can help you be more productive in your office work. It’s worth giving them a try to see if they can alleviate the symptoms mentioned above.

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2. Ergonomic Office Desk Chair

Though this is a part of the list for the bare necessities for your office workspace, an actual good office chair can improve your physical health. Posture is one of the top issues amongst office workers since most of their workday is spent sitting. Back pain, neck strain, fatigue, muscle tension, or even scoliosis are a few health issues that are commonly associated with bad posture. To prevent or reduce these issues, you must have a high quality, ergonomic chair.

Maximum Comfort

Ergonomic simply means that a tool is beneficial and brings maximum comfort in a workspace. To find these types of ergonomic chairs, you have to see what it’s made of. If you’re not sure what to look for, make sure you find these when shopping:

  • Adjustability, such as moveable armrests and seat heights.
  • Cushion support. Some chairs have pillows or padding to support your back.
  • Supportive of size. Make sure that your chair is big enough for you to actually fit in.
  • Transitional between postures. When you sit all day, it’s challenging to maintain the same stance. Having a chair that helps ease into other positions can be beneficial.

Keep in mind that it may take a while for your body to accustom to a new chair. If you’re worried, you can buy a chair with a long-term warranty to test it out before committing.

3. Ergonomic Mousepad

Another instrument to the workspace that affects your physical health is the mousepad. Wrist pain, or carpal tunnel, happens when your hand is on your mouse while your wrist is pressed against the edge of the desk. This discomfort then leads to a subtle but slow increase in wrist pain, which can affect your hand movements. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), professions that typically have high cases of carpal tunnel include artists, bakers, and office workers. Having a better mousepad that cushions your wrist can reduce wrist pain, allowing you to concentrate more on your task. 

To find the perfect ergonomic mousepad, make sure that it fits these criteria:

  • Wrist rest support or cushion.
  • Nonslip or low friction.
  • Soft or hard, depending on preferences.

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4. Office Desk Vacuum

It’s crucial to maintain a clean environment by having a mini desk vacuum. This can be used for emergencies or to clean up food crumbs. Regardless, office workers tend to pile things on their desks, and many things can come and go. Giving it a quick vacuum before and after you finish your work for the day will give it a spotless appearance. Keeping a tidy and organized workspace can boost your performance, according to Mayo Clinic. An increase in happiness and satisfaction can lead to grander results in your work and a more healthy mindset. 

There are many options when it comes to desk vacuums, so here are a few to consider:

  • USB Powered
  • Cordless
  • Portable
  • Battery Operated

Since these vacuums are designed for desks, many have the potential to clean your keyboard, monitor, and much more.

5. Mini Fridge

Instead of relying on a coworker or an external source, you can have your own mini-fridge to refrigerate your meals. It doesn’t strictly have to be a fridge; it can be anything that pertains to storing food. This will save you from joining a line, which can be bothersome when you’re incredibly hungry. If your workplace is lenient, you can also have access to it at any time without needing to get up. Besides, it also helps with organization and decluttering.

Substitutes for mini-fridge:

  • Freezer/Cooler
  • Microwave
  • Bento Lunch Box

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