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25 of The Best Retail Jobs in NYC

By: Dora Segall
Dec 22, 2020 • 10 min read

25 of The Best Retail Jobs in NYC

If you’re between jobs or looking for part-time work right now, it might seem impossible to land a decent gig. For those of us living in New York, however, the prospects for retail are still strong! NYC is the city that never sleeps, and neither does opportunity! If you want to dive into your retail career or simply gain experience in this industry, take a peek at this list to gain some ideas on where to start. Here are 25 of the best retail jobs in NYC!

Clothing and Accessories

Do you have a passion for fashion? Luckily, the style capital boasts a wide range of retail positions in everything from luxury brands to bargain department stores. Plus, these employment opportunities offer a wide variety of benefits aside from the salary, so pay attention to other bonuses you can score! These are some of the best retail jobs in NYC for someone just beginning their job search.

Time Square, New York during daytime

J.Crew: Sales or Stock Associate

Offering perks like free coffee and a massage chair during breaks, J. Crew gets solid employee reviews. Though they usually make minimum wage, sales, and stock associates for this colorful, sophisticated clothing company can enjoy flexible hours and a 30% employee discount PLUS 50% off five items each month for workwear. Full-time employees get decent health insurance and a 401k. Browse J. Crew positions in the City now.

Madewell: Sales Associate

Madewell is actually run by J. Crew — it’s kind of its casual, cool offspring. Employees give the company 4.1/5 stars. Adding to the appeal of Madewell is its focus on sustainable and socially responsible production and its massive (up to 60% off!) employee discount. Browse current job openings and see if anything sparks an interest for you! Note that many positions are seasonal rather than year-round.

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Adidas Store Associate

Known for its sneakers and athletic wear, Adidas has become somewhat of a fashion go-to since the rise of athleisure a few years ago. Employees receive a 30% discount that they can pair with existing sales, an advantage offered by few other companies. Adidas staff reviews cite great health insurance and paid time off as perks. Apply for open positions on the company website.

Footlocker: Stock or Sales Associate, Cashier

Both Footlocker and Kids Footlocker sell sneakers and athletic wear for relatively affordable prices. Employees rave about the company’s extensive insurance coverage (health, life, and disability), paid time off, and casual dress code. There are many open positions in and around the city, so start searching!

Eileen Fisher: Sales Associate

Eileen Fisher is a Manhattan-born brand that sells simple, women’s clothing. The company prides itself on a sustainable work ethic, sourcing their fabrics from 70% organic cotton and running a recycling program for customers to return gently used, brand items. Along with standard benefits like health insurance and retirement savings, the company offers an employee stock ownership plan and reimbursement programs for a range of wellness-related products, including massages and acupuncture, and more. Employees receive anyway from $500 to $2,500 off in-store purchases each year, depending on their contributions. Find a retail job while you can!

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Armani Exchange: Runner, Shipping and Receiving Associate, Stock or Sales Associate, Sales Assistant, Fitter

A luxury brand, Armani Exchange, requires previous retail experience for some of its positions. This company is not for the faint of heart, but full-time employees love the caring and ambitious management structure, 40% employee discount, and other benefits. Look for job openings on the Armani careers page.

Michael Kors: Sales Assistant or Associate

Michael Kors is another luxury brand and requires 2 years of retail experience for associates. Employees love the company discounts, which are up to 50% off! Full-time employees also receive great health insurance and a 401k retirement plan. All jobs accommodate busy schedules with flexible work hours. In 2020, Forbes rated Michael Kors, the best employer for diversity, a crowning achievement on top of awards the company has already received for its employment practices in previous years. Find a Michael Kors store hiring near you now.

TJ Maxx and Marshall’s: Merchandise Associate

Another duo of chains run by the same company (TJX), TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, sells clothing along with a variety of home goods and beauty products. They’ve gained somewhat of a cult following for their great deals and customer rewards systems. Both stores get solid employee reviews for their flexible hours, great coworkers, and substantial benefits. Start searching for open positions! 

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Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger: Sales Associate

Calvin Klein is run by PVH, a company that owns Van Heusen and several other brands. This retailer is known for its gender-neutral lingerie but also sells clothing, accessories, and fragrances. Tommy Hilfiger sells more graphically distinct but still minimalist clothing. Employees have great things to say about PVH’s health insurance and the flexible hours it offers. Browse local job openings on the Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger careers page.

Home Decor/Interior Design

If you feel that most of your knowledge lies in the home improvement department, here are a couple of positions looking for you. The jobs we list are entry-level, but these companies are also looking to fill positions for experienced home goods retailers — do some digging on the websites we link to find them! There are an abundance of retail jobs in NYC for anyone who is interested in entering this industry.

Home Depot: Cashier or Customer Service/Sales

Customers go to Home Depot for all things home improvement and construction. The company offers a ton of benefits, including comprehensive insurance coverage for healthcare and other expenses. Employees give positive reviews for those and for Home Depot’s paid and parental leave policies. Look for retail vacancies in New York and start applying now!

Statue of Liberty, New York

IKEA: Sales Associate

IKEA may be known as the store where relationships go to die, but it gets great reviews as a workplace. Its extensive benefits, company values, and flexible hours make it a desirable company for employees. A standout perk is that part-time employees can receive benefits even if they work as few as 20 hours a week. Find a job here by selecting your part of NYC from the drop-down locations menu.

Food Industry 

Want to sell products you can eat? Explore the food industry scene in New York City and have your mouth water throughout every shift! Here are just a few retail jobs fit for a foodie.

Starbucks: Barista

Starbucks is known among food industry employers for its outstanding benefits, including health insurance for part-time workers. Shift schedules are very flexible, and the company offers tuition reimbursement, making it a great option for someone juggling a part-time job with school. Starbucks baristas spend their days whipping up the drinks we all know and love. All employees receive a 30% discount, PLUS free food and beverages on the job during breaks. Use this job search to find a position in New York.

Lindt USA: Chocolate Advisor

What better way to spend your day than getting paid to sell chocolate? Chocolate supervisors at Lindt are the stores’ sales associates. The company prefers to hire people who have prior retail experience and are willing to work weekends as well as holidays. Lindt employees enjoy a 50% in-store discount, frequent bonuses, and, for those who work full-time, thorough insurance coverage. Search for available positions on the company careers page.

best retail jobs in New York City

Godiva: Chocolatier

Another great option for hardcore chocolate lovers is working as a “chocolatier” (also code for sales associate) at Godiva. These employees, who usually come in with some previous retail experience, drive sales and offer samples to passersby. With a 40% employee discount and other benefits, the company gets solid reviews from current and former associates. Explore their career page and apply for an open position near you!


Food but make it bulk — these jobs are for those of us who want to work with food but don’t want to spend so much time around one product that we can never eat it again. In addition to the positions listed here, all grocery stores hire for product-specific stations, such as the seafood and meat counters. Do some digging on company websites to see if any of these are hiring right now.

Trader Joe’s: Crew

Customers love Trader Joe’s for its selection of organic and unusual foods. Employees appreciate its benefits — staff who work fifteen hours or more each week get dental and vision coverage, and those who work 30 or more hours each week get medical insurance. The plan includes a free “active and fit” program as well as more standard healthcare coverage. Track down job openings on the company careers page.

Whole Foods: Team Member

In addition to extensive insurance coverage and a 20% employee discount, employees at this organic and natural foods chain have great things to say about the social atmosphere — both the work culture and customer base tend towards laidback and friendly. Whole Foods benefits include mental health assistance programs and discounts beyond Whole Foods products. Search for available positions now.

Bath and Beauty

If you’re into cosmetics or bath products, consider finding a job that will let you spend time with people who share your passion! Bath and beauty retail jobs in NYC are very abundant. Here are just a few you can explore to get your job search started.

best retail jobs in New York City

Bath & Body Works: Sales Associate

If you grew up around Y2K and spent any time at the mall, you’re bound to remember trying out countless sample bottles of soaps and lotions at Bath & Body Works with your friends. Employees can go a step further, bringing home company products for 30% off if they work part-time and 40% if they’re full-time. Bath & Body Works hires for both seasonal and year-round positions, so you should be able to find a job that works best for your calendar.

Sephora: Cashier or Beauty Advisor

A staple for any makeup guru, Sephora has stores all over the world, and its employees love working there. Forget benefits — at Sephora, you’ll receive products completely free throughout the year! The company also has relaxed hours, closing all stores at 1p.m. on Fridays during the summer, and offers comprehensive, LGBTQ+-friendly medical insurance. Cashier positions are in high demand, but you can land one if you look and apply frequently enough. If you have a cosmetology license and previous retail experience, you try snagging a job as a beauty advisor instead. Sephora is also looking for temporary employees in a number of locations, for which you don’t need a license, just retail experience. Check out retail jobs in the City through our pre-filtered search on the company careers page.

Estée Lauder: Sales Associate or Keyholder

Another global makeup giant, Estée Lauder, is primarily looking for keyholders right now. These employees work above sales associates but under store managers to oversee sales and close up at the end of the day. The position requires previous retail experience, though not necessarily in cosmetics. Estée Lauder is also hiring for a few entry-level positions right now, so keep your eyes peeled! Job openings are listed on the company website.

best retail jobs in New York City

Books and Arts

New York is a cultural capital of the world, so it’s no surprise that there are a ton of retailers around the City that will quench your thirst for visual arts, music, or literature. If you love to read, why not explore employment opportunities where you can be around others who share this special passion!

Barnes & Noble: Book Seller or Barista

These two positions are obviously pretty different from each other, but both open a window to the combined world of book and coffee culture. If you work at Barnes & Noble employees, you’ll get 40% off on all books and access to coworkers who love books as much as you do. There are tons of retail jobs in NYC that specialize in literature. Search for jobs in your area by plugging your location into the search filters on this page.

Brooklyn Museum and Others: Store Sales Associate

If you want to spend your days surrounded by paintings, sculptures, and other visual masterpieces, consider a job at a museum gift shop. A lot of these positions are part-time, so they are a great option for art or art history students looking to make an extra buck. MoMA and the Brooklyn Museum are two with openings right now, but conduct a Google search for “museum retail jobs in New York,” and you’ll find similar positions elsewhere.


Staff at this art supplies chain love their coworkers and interactions with quirky customers. Reviews also mention a 30% employee discount and a generous lunch break. If you’re an art student, a job at Blick could be a great way to stay inspired while working for some extra cash. Check out available positions using this pre-filtered job search.

Music & Arts: Retail Sales Associate

Are you a musician or music-lover? Look into a job at Music & Arts! This national chain is owned by Guitar Center but gets slightly better reviews than its umbrella company for friendlier management. Consider a job here if you want to help kids and adults alike grow musically or if you want to learn something new about different instruments every day. This is an extremely interesting opportunity that will be perfect for the right person.

best retail jobs in New York City

Toys and Kids

If you love being around children and seeing their excitement around fancy gadgets and gizmos, we recommend you explore employment opportunities in the toy industry. There are many toy stores in New York City, both famous and more modern additions. This is one of the most rewarding jobs, as children will always leave with a smile on their face as they carry out their new treasure. Here are just a few retail stores in the toy/kid industry that you can explore in the big apple!

Build-A-Bear Workshop: Sales Associate

It’s kind of impossible to stay in a bad mood for long when you spend each day helping kids custom-create stuffed animals. Hours are flexible, and benefits are solid, but the management is what really shines in employee reviews. Staff love the laid-back environment and social aspect of the job. Start working for a store near you now.

FAO Schwarz: Cashier or Toy Ambassador

FAO Schwarz has been around since the 1800s and is actually the company that oversees Build-A-Bear Workshop. The company’s NYC flagship store, located at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan’s heart, is actively hiring new cashiers and toy ambassadors (their word for sales associates). FAO Schwarz employees are able to sell high-end toys to kids throughout their shift and dance around the famed piano from the 1988 movie “Big.” Snag one of the open positions while there’s still time.

These are only a few of the best retail jobs in NYC. We’ve mostly covered chains, so search online for independent businesses near you for a more personal experience with management and customers. Get your resume ready, write your cover letter, and start prepping for that interview! The opportunities are endless in a city like New York.

Have you worked at any of these retail jobs in NYC? If so, connect with us on social media and share your experience! We would love to hear about it. Best of luck with your job search in the big apple!

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