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13 of The Best Fast Food Jobs in Phoenix

By: Mariah Rogers
Dec 20, 2020 • 10 min read

13 of The Best Fast Food Jobs in Phoenix

Landing a job in fast food can be an overwhelming task. Many jobs are seeking applicants who are 18+ or have some previous work experience. If you are just beginning your career journey, this can be discouraging news! Landing your first job should be exciting. Despite what you may think, there are a plethora of opportunities around you. Jobs in the fast food industry offer a unique opportunity to work closely with a team and establish strong communication skills. You’ll also get to experience providing excellent customer service! This skill will be a great asset when you begin applying to positions down the road. Fast food restaurants are also known for hiring teens and younger employees. This means that you will also get to have the opportunity to expand your network and start building connections in the workplace! You might even make a friend along the way, too. Here are 13 of the best fast food jobs in Phoenix! Grab your resume, cover letter, and can-do attitude because it’s time to start applying.

1. Sonic

This all-American fast food restaurant is a customer favorite. Everyone loves a trip to Sonic for burgers and fries! Sonic provides a fast-paced work environment that prides itself on excellent customer service and the commitment to making quality American classics. Employees report enjoying being employed at Sonic because of the flexible hours and opportunity to advance, too! When applying for a job, it is crucial to check the reviews other employees have written. This way, you can narrow down your job search and apply to highly-rated locations. In this case, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

You’ll never have a boring shift when working at Sonic. As an employee, you will be learning to cook, work the drive-through, and operate the register! This makes it one of the best fast food jobs in Phoenix. Plus, you’ll get to surround yourself with delicious and indulgent bites every day. If that isn’t enough to entice you, employees also get a 15% discount off of all food purchases at any location.

2. Culver’s Restaurant 

If you live out west, you’ve likely heard of Culver’s! This popular restaurant chain is known for casual American fast food. It is a great place to grab a quick yet quality bite to eat. (If you haven’t yet tried their frozen custard, you are missing out!) As an employee, you’ll get to try a variety of different jobs during each shift. Culver’s focuses on teamwork and collaboration, so if you enjoy working with others, this might be the perfect position for you! Employees also get a 50% discount off of food purchases, and if you stick around, managers get everything for free! This generous discount is a great sign that this employer values their employees and wants to make sure they feel appreciated.

Employees who have worked at Culver’s say that they enjoyed working there because of the clean work environment, friendly atmosphere, competitive wages, flexible schedule, and great team managers.

round plastic cup with straw

3. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a classic family favorite for all. There is nothing like enjoying a Wendy’s baked potato and finishing off the meal with an ice-cold frosty! Wendy’s provides a fast-paced environment that offers a great opportunity to improve your collaboration and teamwork skills. If hired, you will get to enjoy one fifty percent off meal every shift! (This way, you can always finish work with a frosty in-hand!)

Wendy’s employees report that they enjoy the fast-paced work environment, simplicity of the job, flexible hours, and best of all – the amazing customers!

Pro Tip: Most jobs in the fast food industry will be very hands-on and teamwork-oriented. If you are looking for fast food jobs in Phoenix, you will need to be able to collaborate! This might not sound like the ideal scenario for everyone. However, it is important that you try a customer-service position at the beginning of your career journey so that you build valuable experience to help you move forward.

4. Whataburger 

Welcome to the Whataburger section of this article, where we will discuss the home of the hamburger! This fast food chain is known for making delicious hamburgers, right down to the bun. They are based in San Antonio, Texas, and now have about 824 locations nation-wide! If you are hired as an employee, you’ll get to enjoy a 50% discount on all meals.

Whataburger employees report enjoying the flexible schedule and how accommodating management is to college students who want to work a part-time job. This also means great things for teenagers looking for an opportunity to get hired! Employee’s also said they appreciate the good pay and bonuses, too.

12 of The Best Fast Food Jobs in Phoenix

5. Dairy Queen 

Nothing screams summer like stopping at a Dairy Queen on the way home from the beach! You may not know this, but Dairy Queen offers a whole lot more than just ice cream! They serve meal deals that include fries, a drink, a hamburger or chicken fingers, and a small sundae to top it off! Dairy Queen also offers kids meals, pretzel sticks, and a variety of other snacks to pair with their delicious ice cream flavors. If you are a fan of all things sweet, this might be the perfect job for you! As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about only scooping ice cream all day. Instead, you’ll be preparing meals, creating cold and creamy creations, and operating the drive-through at select locations. This will make the perfect first job for any teen, because you will gain experience in a variety of different departments.

As a Dairy Queen employee, you can enjoy 50% off of food during shifts, and a few dollars off of ice cream cakes, too! (These will MAKE your next birthday party!) Employees report being satisfied with the opportunity to work flexible hours and enjoy monthly bonuses.

When you find out how blizzards are able to stay in the cup when flipped, send the tip our way!

Pro Tip: Make sure to look for bonuses, discounts, and other ways that companies show appreciation for employees. This is not to only ensure that you get to enjoy perks while on the job, but you will notice that the establishment and management care more about their employees!

6. Chipotle 

If you are in the mood for a made-to-order meal with flavors inspired by popular Mexican cuisine, Chipotle is the place to be! Chipotle is known for its massive burritos, taco bowls, and a generous bag of freshly cooked tortilla chips. Each customer gets to choose exactly what they want to include in their meal, so each order will be completely customized, keeping the job exciting. Instead of working in a “factory line” style, you’ll be communicating directly with customers to serve their dining needs and preferences. Once you learn how to wrap a burrito perfectly, let us know!

Chipotle offers it’s employees a free meal during their shift and a 50% discount off of purchases when off the clock. Employees report enjoying the free meal they get to eat during their break and the friendly team environment cultivated in the workplace.

One of the most notable bonuses about working at Chipotle as a teen is their tuition reimbursement program. This program allows eligible employees to be paid back up to $5,250 a year to go towards tuition. Not only will you be setting yourself up for success by working at Chipotle, but you can also have confidence in knowing that your company supports its employees’ goal’s to achieve higher education.

Chipotle is not the only company that offers education perks, so make sure to do your research! Finding out which establishments offer benefits for completing higher-education while working will effectively narrow down your search for fast food jobs for teens in Phoenix.

12 of The Best Fast Food Jobs in Phoenix

7. Arby’s

If you are looking to diversify your cooking skills and learn how to make something other than burgers and fries, explore employment opportunities at Arby’s! If hired, you’ll be making sandwiches, and lot’s of ’em! In fact, In October 2017, Food & Wine called Arby’s “The second-largest sandwich chain.” This is a big milestone you can definitely use to leverage your candidacy during the interview!

If hired, you’ll receive a 50% meal discount to enjoy some delicious food for yourself. This is one of the things employees love the most! Arby’s employees report appreciating the opportunity to work flexible hours, enjoy the benefits offered, and being around friendly people.

Pro Tip: Throughout this blog, you might notice that we keep mentioning the term “flexible schedule.” This is one of the main selling points employees rave about when reviewing companies included on this list. Flexible scheduling is one of the most valuable attributes a company can have, especially if you are beginning your job search as a teen. It is likely that as a teen, you will have other responsibilities outside of work. These commitments might include school, sports, clubs, and various family responsibilities. Working for a company that understands your other commitments is crucial!

8. Burger King 

Burger King is another great spot to learn customer-service skills and boost your teamwork experience. They are the second-largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. If you are familiar with the Whopper – this is where it originated! Employees report loving the fast-paced environment, flexible work schedule, kind people they get to interact with, and being around all the delicious food! If you are hired, you’ll get to enjoy free drinks while on the job and 50% off of food purchases.

Working at one of the flagship fast food restaurants is exciting because you will be employed at a well-established company that has multiple locations. This means, if you want to move or work at a location closer to home, your skills will travel with you! Having basic skills such as food prep, register experience, and general knowledge about customer-service will help get you hired at almost any fast food chain.

Save a Whopper and fries for us, please!

12 of The Best Fast Food Jobs in Phoenix

9. Five Guys 

Five Guys is another great establishment to start your career journey. This company is known for its famous burgers, fries, and endless peanuts that you can enjoy while you wait for your order to be ready. As an employee, you will be able to be a line cook, learn great cleaning practices, and gain experience working the register, too. Every employee gets to enjoy a free meal for every shift they have worked and 50% off of all other food purchases. So, you’ll get to try everything on the menu and be able to make recommendations to customers! (We are a big fan of the Five Guy’s bacon grilled cheese!)

This particular company has outstanding reviews from employees. Employee satisfaction is extremely high, which means team motivation and charisma likely will be high, too! This makes for the perfect working environment, especially for your first job. It is ideal to join a company that has positive and excited employees who enjoy working for the company. This will make your shifts a lot more fun. It is always enjoyable to work with people who love their job!

10. Shake Shack 

This fast food restaurant originated in New York and quickly grew in popularity as one of the best places to grab a burger! They are known for their delicious hamburger selection, fries, and our personal favorite, their amazing shakes. Shake Shack prides itself on providing fresh, quality food that is prepared daily. They serve high-quality meat that is formed into patties every night so that each meal will be fresh for the next day. This company is a more trendy and modern style fast food establishment, which makes working here even more exciting! This is a great spot for teens to work due to the trendy food style and modern atmosphere, which attracts a younger clientele.

Shake Shack is yet another company that has glowing reviews from employees who have worked there. Their CEO even has a 92% satisfaction rating (super impressive!) Employees say that they enjoy the fun work environment, competitive pay, and friendly coworkers.

As a Shake Shack employee, you will get to enjoy benefits other than great pay and an exciting work environment. Team members receive a 60% discount on meal purchases while managers eat for free! Once you have tried all of the shake flavors, tweet us and let us know which one is your favorite!

12 of The Best Fast Food Jobs in Phoenix

11. Auntie Anne’s 

Have you ever been walking around a shopping mall and suddenly got a whiff of a sweet, cinnamony, salty, decadent pretzel? Well, this waft of tasty goodness was most likely coming from an Auntie Anne’s! This company is known for its absolutely delicious and unique pretzel creations. They offer pretzels, dips, drinks, and even baking mix so you can create the magic of Auntie Anne’s at home! If you’ve never enjoyed a cinnamon sugar pretzel bucket, you are seriously missing out. If the vast menu seems overwhelming, don’t worry! Employees get to enjoy free food and drink while on the clock. When you are not working and have a sudden pretzel craving, you’ll save 50% on all food purchases.

Employees say they enjoy working with kind team members, quick raises and promotions that are awarded as a result of good work, and of course, the free pretzels! This should definitely be a company you apply to when searching for fast food jobs in Phoenix.

12. Raising Cane’s 

Raising Cane’s is a fast food chain that specializes in deliciously fried chicken fingers, texas toast, and crinkle-cut fries! What more could you want in an employment opportunity?! The CEO has almost a 93% approval rating and was named one of the top CEO’s of 2019! Employees say they enjoy the great pay, fast-paced environment, fun culture, and generous opportunities for advancement. If you are looking to quickly climb up in the organization, this is a great place to apply when hunting for fast food jobs in Phoenix.

If you are hired as an employee, you’ll get to enjoy 50% off of food purchases before, during, and after shifts. So, you will always clock out with a basket of chicken fingers in hand!

McDo fries

13. Taco Bell

If you are itching to get away from serving hamburgers and fries, Taco Bell is the place for you! This fun fast food chain is known for their delicious tacos, burritos, and of course, hot sauces! They are also famous for their ever-changing menu of specials that they offer. Employees report enjoying the flexible working hours and having the opportunity to enjoy free food while on the clock! This means being able to try everything from Doritos locos tacos, quesaritos, and of course, the famous crunchwrap supreme!

These are just a few of the best fast food jobs in Phoenix! If you have worked at any of these establishments, connect with us and let us know on our social media pages!

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