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20 Remote Jobs for College Students

By: Thelma Collado
Feb 16, 2021 • 6 min read

20 Remote Jobs for College Students

College can be the most amazing, but albeit stressful, time of your life. As you transition to becoming fully independent, you’ll find that you need a job to keep you afloat. However, it can be difficult to find a suitable one, especially if you’re swamped in schoolwork, lacking in savings, or never had a job in your life. Remote jobs for college students provide the comfort and flexibility that a regular 9-5 job might not be able to offer.

One of the advantages of a remote job is the flexible schedule and the amount of money you save in the process. A regular job requires a particular set of hours that can overlap with school hours, which is conflicting for several reasons. You don’t want to miss out on the classes you are paying out of your pocket to attend. A remote job can be done in the comfort of your home, your dorm, or the local library. With remote work, you won’t need to spend money on a uniform or on public transportation.

This is also a time for you to hone and develop your working skills as you attend school! You will gain valuable work experience for any future jobs you may pursue and earn money to cover personal or school-related expenses. While it isn’t easy figuring out what career might suit you, listed below are several remote jobs for college students that you can explore on your journey to adulthood!

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Online Tutor

This is a great job to consider if you’re the type who cannot get enough academics! There are hundreds of people of all different ages who are struggling with their classes. If you’re the type to have aced all your classes in one particular subject—whether it’s Math, Science, or English—then consider being a tutor for that subject! Since it’s online, it allows you the flexibility of being able to choose your own office hours. You’ll have the flexibility to create manageable schedules with your clients.

Social Media Manager

If you’re the type to always be on social media, whether it’s skimming through or posting, and happen to have a passion for marketing, then this job is a perfect fit! A social media manager needs to plan out and implement strategies to increase sales within their business!

Customer Service Representative

This is the sort of job that requires patience and excellent people skills. If you’re the type who enjoys lending out a hand and helping people with their pending inquiries, then consider working at customer service! This job will require a set amount of hours you would have to put aside, whether it’s for answering phone calls or emails.

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Web and Mobile Software Tester

This job requires that you give great attention to detail and possess decent programming skills. As a tester, you don’t just check to see whether the software works as intended or looks appealing on-screen. You’ll also plan out ways to test and improve the software so that it is up to speed and can meet the client’s expectations!


Does it feel as though you can’t get enough of writing? Do you have any out-of-the-box ideas you wish to share with the world? Consider being a blogger! This job requires that you have a knack for researching topics and producing quality content for the blog you have in mind! Whether you choose to work for an already-existing one or want to build one from the ground up is all up to you.

ESL Teacher

Many people are fluent in English. However, if you’re the kind of person who knows all there is to know about the language and has a passion for teaching, consider being an ESL teacher! Many people wish to take up English as a second language. As an ESL teacher, you can bridge the gap between learning and someone who can become fluent in the language! Whether it’s planning out coursework or measuring your student’s progress, you must make sure that you cover it all!

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Video Editor

This job is for people who can properly operate video-editing software and compose a pleasing video to the eye that fulfills the client’s intended purpose. This job requires that you go through all the footage and all your client’s audio pieces. Then, you’ll piece it all up together to create an amazing video! Whether it’s finding good shots, cleaning up the audio, or making smooth transitions, a video editor must cover all these bases.

Freelance Translator

If you’re fluent in two or more languages, then this is an opportunity that you can take to hone in on that knowledge! As a freelance translator, you must make sure that the version you’ve translated carries the same meaning as the original. You’ll also need to relay the same tone and style as the client’s original piece. This can range from legal documents, scientific, technical, or literary.

Virtual Assistant

This job is for very focused and organized people and can handle various tasks and responsibilities provided by their employer. As a virtual assistant, you take care of checking and answering emails, planning and carrying out important events, organizing their files, arranging meetings, and so much more. If you choose to take up this job, you will have to manage not just your own life, but your employer’s life, too. 

remote jobs for college students

Project Manager

This job requires that you manage your client’s projects. Setting deadlines, making sure that nothing is left out or forgotten, assigning roles and tasks, and monitoring how much the project has progressed! A project manager needs to have good leadership skills and handle any conflicts that may arise. They must be able to keep others motivated throughout the duration of the project. If you like making sure that everything within a project is properly done, then this is a good job to consider!


Many projects require the help of a voice-over specialist. Documentaries, narration, audiobooks, commercials, promotional videos, and so much more! Someone who works in the voice-over industry needs to have a clear speaking voice and proper pronunciation. They need to carry the tone of the project they are working on within the recording.


As a moderator, you must guide a discussion or a debate and keep order within the forum. This job entails discussing topics, removing inappropriate or unrelated content, resolving conflicts, defining the rules that need to be followed, and much more. Moderators are needed wherever order needs to be implemented. If you can keep a level head and enjoy keeping peace and order, consider working as a moderator!

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Resume Writer

Have you mastered the art of writing the perfect resume? This can lead to countless remote job opportunities for college students! If you’re the kind to have done your own resumes in the past and find that they’ve brought on success, then consider writing resumes for others! As a resume writer, you will need to be able to communicate your client’s skills in a manner that not only suits the business they are aiming to get hired in but make sure that everything is up-to-date and following the latest trend.


This job requires that you listen to all sorts of audio files or recordings and convert them into text. Many industries require a transcription of recordings. Industries range from the legal field to the medical space! If you have a good ear, fast typing skills, and the ability to accurately put down what the speaker is saying, then a transcriptionist is the right job for you!

Essay Editor

Professionals and employers have to go through hundreds of essays a day. If a piece is not polished and meets up to their standards, they’re either ignored or given a low score. As an essay editor, your services will not only extend to making sure that everything is grammatically correct but making sure that the essay is in a valid format. You’ll need to be able to follow a rubric and take instruction well!

remote jobs for college students

Online Resource Manager

As a resource manager, you need to make sure that your organization has the proper resources and the project’s capacity with the project in mind. Resource managers also assist project managers in doing their job. Duties include hiring new employees, identifying their staff needs, and working with vendors/ other external sources.

Presentation Designer

If you’ve been known to create spectacular and eye-catching presentations, then consider taking up this job! A presentation designer must create an adequate design, follow the rules and regulations set in place, and resolve any technical issues present throughout the presentation. In this job, you need to create a display that can sell a specified product or service.


Do you have an interest in family ancestry and history? Working as a genealogist may be the job you’ve been searching for! This job requires that you study your client’s family tree and track down their distant descendants. You will need to produce an extensive family tree, uncover evidence, and really buckle down to get to the nitty-gritty details of your client’s ancestry.

remote jobs for college students


Captioners create closed captions for videos, live broadcasts, instructions, PSAs, movies, or television. This job requires that you excel in spelling and grammar. You’ll also need to translate any foreign languages if necessary and edit out anything that may seem unnecessary or inappropriate. Having improvisation skills is a plus in case the need arises! This is one of the best remote jobs for college students. 

Product Reviewer

As a product reviewer, you must test, evaluate, and provide feedback on the products that your company has created. The purpose of this job is to make sure that the product works strictly as intended. If not, then inform the company or business, so they can make the necessary changes. This job gives you the flexibility of working for a company that creates products that interest you!

What are some of the best remote jobs for college students that you have experienced? Comment down below and let us know! We would love to hear from you.

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