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15 Jobs That Are Paying $15 an Hour

By: Thelma Collado
Jul 23, 2021 • 5 min read

15 Jobs That Are Paying $15 an Hour – Apply Now! 

Considering that the minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 an hour, finding a job that can provide a little over double that amount is a major improvement. When it comes to picking the right job, monetary compensation plays an important factor. Here are 15 jobs that are paying $15 an hour or more!

Dietetic Technician

A person’s diet can greatly determine the state of someone’s health, and if the right decisions are not made, it can spiral into life-threatening diseases. As a dietetic technician, you are working towards improving your patients’ lifestyle by helping them make the right choices when it comes to deciding what food they should eat and when.

With this job, you can work with people who have special nutritional needs, meaning that they require menus and meals planned out beforehand to meet all their bodies ’ requirements. Dietetic technicians can work with individuals or groups, ranging from nursing homes, schools, industries, hospitals, or any other place that either requires or asks for the assistance of such services.

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Nursing Assistant

If you have a passion for helping others, working as a nursing assistant could be the right job for you! As a nursing assistant, you are responsible for the well-being of many patients and assist them in daily tasks and activities. These can range from helping the patients eat and bathe or moving them from one spot to another; you also measure their vitals and take note of their health daily.

This job doesn’t just focus on the patients’ physical health but also on their mental health. This is the type of job that can impact people’s lives through kindness, persistence, and hard work. Plus, nursing assistants are paid $15 or more an hour!

Pharmacy Aide

If you’re familiar with clerical work and customer service or want to test out that kind of work, consider working as a pharmacy aide. With this job, you work as a clerk for the pharmacy. You’ll assist customers, answer basic questions, take inventory, package medication, and make sure that the information presented is correct. Aides may not work on preparing medication or prescriptions. However, they’re still essential to ensuring that everything runs smoothly at a pharmacy.

Cook – Jobs Paying $15 an Hour

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant, you’ve tasted the hard work of a group of cooks that worked together to make sure that you were happy with your order. As a cook, you handle food and prepare meals for customers. Alongside a staff, you work together to make sure that customers receive the food they’ve ordered and promptly. The satisfaction of your customers plays a large role in the success of the restaurant you work in.


A hairdresser is someone who focuses on improving or maintaining the appearance of their customers, specifically their hair. Their tasks range from washing, drying, dyeing, cutting, styling, adding extensions, and so much more. A hairdresser can advise how the customer can care for their hair type. They also sell products that maintain or improve the quality of their hair, and help the customer receive their desired appearance.

Practically every person meets with a hairdresser. Whether it’s once a year or several times a year, to maintain their appearance; there will be no shortage of business if you choose to seek out a career in cosmetology.

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Concierges are vital in assisting guests, informing them, and giving a good first impression of the establishment they work for. Some other responsibilities that concierges are in charge of are recommending places to visit and helping guests check-in and make reservations.

Tour Guide

When traveling somewhere new, a guide can be an essential asset to your trip. If you choose to pursue a job as a tour guide, your main focus will be informing people in a fun and interesting way while ensuring that the group is getting the most out of the experience.

Tour guides can really shape peoples’ experiences and allow them to understand the place they’re visiting on a deeper level. This job does require studying and retaining certain amounts of information.

Bank Teller – Jobs Paying $15 an Hour

If you’re interested in finance, handling transactions, and have strong math skills, working as a bank teller is one career you could pursue. Bank tellers are the first people you see once you enter a bank.  people visit the bank, so being socially adept and having an inclination to assist others is definitely a must.


With delivery becoming more commonplace and the need for these services have begun to rise in demand, it only makes sense that many businesses make sure to provide their customers with such options. For those who want their order delivered at a certain time and place, couriers can provide the speed and flexibility that usual delivery services cannot because of their constraints.

Tire Repair

Around 91% of households have access to one vehicle, meaning that the need for people who are proficient in dealing with cars is high, specifically, those who can replace and repair faulty tires. Working as a tire repairer means that you need to be proficient in your knowledge of machinery and assess the customer’s needs and provide the right services.

Many think that simple tire replacement is something many can learn how to do. However, a tire repairer can properly evaluate and point out the specific issues found in the vehicle that would go unnoticed by the average driver.


Working as a butcher can be an arduous job. However, it can be a rewarding task for those who have a passion for this field. Of course, this job requires hard physical labor and handling raw meat and the like.

Butchers are knowledgeable about the animals they handle and can definitely make a difference in the quality of the meat they serve to the public. They definitely have an impact on the food industry. With the work they must put into their career, this job can definitely provide a new perspective on the food you eat.


A receptionist helps receive people, usually in an office setting. They are tasked with keeping things orderly and professional. They also must communicate what needs to be said to both their team and any visitors coming in. Things would be disorderly without the assistance of a receptionist!

Shoe and Leather Worker

Shoes are a staple in our everyday lives. Whether comfortable or fashionable, most will agree that they’re an important and necessary component that we’ve added to our wardrobe. While some focus on making or repairing shoes, shoe and leather workers expand their horizons and add leather products to their list of items to work on. These craftsmen focus on designing, repairing, creating, and customizing a variety of leather products.

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A polisher’s main focus is to improve an item’s quality by making them appear aesthetically pleasing. Polishers can work with various items. Examples include jewelry, culinary tools, and automobiles. As a polisher, you must have a certain eye for noting any blemishes or imperfections. You must also be able to handle tools with ease to create the intended effect.


If you’re interested in design and business, working as a tailor could be a possible career to explore. Unlike fashion designers, a tailor’s job is focused on working on ready-made designs. This ranges from taking the customer’s measurements, doing any alterations, and ensuring the customers are fully satisfied with their decision. As a result, a tailor must be very customer-focused.

We hope this guide helps you narrow down your next job search by providing you with a list of jobs paying $15 an hour!

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