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10 Professional Essentials Every Man Should Have in His Closet

By: Mariah Rogers
Oct 13, 2020 • 7 min read

10 Professional Essentials Every Man Should Have in His Closet

Now that we’ve covered the ladies, it’s time to talk about the gents! When is the last time you updated your professional wardrobe? If it’s time for an upgrade, this is the blog for you. We’ve compiled a list of the most affordable, classic, versatile, and professional essentials every man should have in his closet. Happy shopping!

green crew neck shirt and gray crew neck shirt

#1 Basic Button-Down

Having a collection of pattered button-down shirts is great, but investing in a few basics is even better. Purchasing a few solid color shirts will help give you a more professional look, and are timeless. This means you won’t have to keep buying patterns and designs you will get sick of! Having a small collection of basic button-down shirts is crucial. Especially since you can dress them up for an important meeting or dress them down for a casual day at the office! (Zoom calls included!)

  • Men’s basic button-down 17.50- here 
  • Slim causal button-down 17.40- here 
  • Soft wash button down 29.99 – here

Tip – Start by purchasing a white, blue, black, and one other fun color to get your collection started!

#2 Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are a must-have essential for men that go beyond the workplace. Investing in a pair of dress shoes is crucial! Not only will you be able to wear these into the office, but you can style them for date night, family events, or after-work parties. The best part? You don’t have to break the bank. Here are a few selections that are affordable yet stylish.

  • Brown dress shoes 25.49 – here 
  • Suede dress shoes 59.99 – here 
  • Black dress shoes 39.99 – here 

photo of blue crew-neck tops

#3 Wrist Watch

Not only is it important to be on time, but this also serves as a fantastic accessory for everyday wear! Having a stylish wristwatch can help amplify your look and will come in handy when you are running late. Check out these options!

  • Basic brown watch 48.30 – here 
  • Dark brown watch 29.99 – here 
  • Brown and blue contrast watch 16.99 – here

#4 A Versatile Belt

Next up, belts. Belts serve as a great accessory, and they help your look appear more clean and polished. This is especially true when tucking in dress shirts. Belts add a great addition to any outfit, and they can be worn in and out of the workplace.

  • Basic black belt 19.99 – here 
  • Brown belt 9.99 – here 
  • Textured black belt 17.99 – here 

clothes store interior

#5 A Basic Tie

Again, this is another very versatile price every man should have in his wardrobe. A basic tie can spice up any look and automatically make your outfit look more professional. Plus, you can wear a tie at family events, weddings, parties, and more. Make sure to invest in basic patterns so that they don’t clash with your shirt. This is one of the top professional essentials every man should have.

  • Basic grey tie 15.50- here 
  • Navy blue tie 15.50 – here 
  • Black tie with pattern 8.67 – here 

#6 Dress Socks

To go along with your new shoes, and help make your outfit extra fun, consider purchasing dress socks! This is a great way to personalize any outfit and make it your own.

  • Dotted socks 4.99 – here 
  • Basic great socks 3.99 – here 
  • Pack of basics 11.99 – here 

black clothes hanged in rack

#7 Work Bag

Now that you have invested in all this new stuff, you’ll need somewhere to put it! Investing in a good work bag is essential for anyone who commutes to work and needs a central place to keep their belongings safe. Here are some options that will keep you looking professional, yet help you stay functional.

  • Basic leather bag 31.05 – here 
  • Messenger bag 29.99 – here 
  • Standard laptop case 44.99 – here

#8 A Good Pair of Jeans

Jeans are great for casual Fridays at the office or for grabbing a quick bite to eat with colleagues after work. Invest in a clean and classic looking pair and avoid ones with rips, holes, or any pattern.

  • Classic blue jeans 39.99 – here 
  • Light wash jeans 34.99 – here 
  • Dark wash jeans 25.49 – here 

pair of white low-top sneakers

#9 Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are super stylish and add a great layer of protection. They are waterproof and wind-resistant, perfect for staying warm on your morning commute. Plus, they keep you looking professional yet sporty.

  • Men’s golf jacket 51.00 – here 
  • Dress bomber jacket 39.99 – here 
  • Casual jacket 54.99 – here 

#10 Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Long sleeve polo shirts are great for a casual chilly day at the office and can even be worn outside of the workplace. Start by purchasing a few basic colors, such as blue, black, and dark red. Here are some options to choose from!

Remember, your confidence, personality, and hard-working spirit will always outnumber your looks in the workplace! Have fun shopping for your professional essentials and giving your closet a whole new look.

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