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10 (more) WFH Essentials You Need

By: Mariah Rogers
May 11, 2020 • 46 min read

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If you are trying to build your perfect home office and make this transition time as comfortable as possible, we have a few items for you to try! This blog is a continuation of our previous WFH essentials post. Transforming your space into something personal and fun can help you be more productive and make the most out of your remote working experience. If you are looking to improve your home office life, or simply just looking to satisfy your online shopping addiction, this is the blog for you.

Posture & Focus are Essential

If you have been staring down at your computer these last few weeks, your neck has probably seen better days. The motion of looking downwards at your screen while typing away can hurt your posture, leading to aches, pains, and headaches. This can be a very unnatural position, so it is time to fix that! Better posture means less pain and more mobility when you are off the clock. Check out this laptop stand to immediately correct your posture and ease neck pain. When you have better posture, your eyes will immediately begin to focus more on what is right in front of you – rather than everything else!

White Noise

Quarantining with roommates, family, or friends, can make it challenging to find some privacy. If you are seeking a bit more privacy when attending zoom meetings, video interviews, or just phone calls from home, consider investing in a white noise machine. If you are worried about coming off as secretive to roommates or friends, offer this tool as a way so that they do not have to involuntarily listen to endless meetings with your boss. Add this to your list of WFH essentials, you will thank us later.

Desk Calendar

These may seem old-school, but hear us out. Having your schedule in large print laying right in front of you can help avoid missing meetings, phone calls, or other important events. The transition from office life to working from home can mean readjusting your schedule entirely. Writing things out and having them visually represented can improve your memory, organization, and focus. Help yourself out, invest in a desk calendar!

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Volume Up

If you are someone who enjoys working with music in the background, it is time to upgrade your sound system. Invest in a portable sound system that provides high sound quality while improving your focus and drive during the workday. JBL offers fantastic sound quality and sleek designs. They are also on sale! Check out this cheaper option here.

Control Your Cursor

If you are struggling to control your cursor using your laptop touchpad, consider investing in a mouse. Since you are not leaving the house, there is no need to factor in portability here, considering having the mouse is one extra piece you would need to remember regularly. This can be a great way to add ease into your work life. Check out these options, here! 

Guaranteed Grammar

Working remotely has caused many of us to increase our email usage significantly. If you are finding yourself struggling to sound professional when communicating with colleagues, check this out! This grammar reference book is a fantastic tool to keep next to you on your desk to do a quick check. Grammarly is our favorite tool, but we have plugged them more times than we can count.

Create Comfort

If you have the luxury of working from home, why not make it the most comfortable it can be. Design your desk space to promote productivity and joy. This foot hammock for under your desk is sure to bring fun into your new work life. This can also be used on airplanes, for when traveling is back in style.

Essentials Ease the Tension

If you are going to try any item on this list, we recommend you choose this one. If you are experiencing neck and back pain while also battling the stressors of quarantine, this is the product for you. This neck and shoulder wrap is heating and cooling and provides aromatherapy benefits. Choose your desired temperature and breathe deeply.

woman holding a cup of coffee at right hand and reading book on her lap while holding it open with her left hand in a well-lit room

Effortless Essentials

Sitting at home all day is sure to shake up your regular daily routine. It is essential to continue your water intake to stay hydrated and healthy. This cute bottle tracks your progress to keep you quenched!

White It Out

If you are a visual learner and thinker, jotting down thoughts and progress throughout the day can be beneficial. If you are used to using a whiteboard at work, why not have one at home! This cute mini whiteboard sits perfectly on your desk so that you can take notes and write reminders. The best part is, you won’t have to fight coworkers for dry-erase markers!

What are your WFH essentials? Let us know! 


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