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10 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

By: Daniel Robertshaw
Jan 22, 2021 • 6 min read

10 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We all look forward to those 2 weeks of vacation time where we get to travel. But what if you were paid to travel and explore the world? This doesn’t just have to be a dream – we can help you make this a reality! Read on as we list 10 jobs perfect for people that love to travel.

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Travel Blogger

A travel blogger is exactly as it sounds. A person who travels to different places and writes blog posts about their experience is difficult to get into. Most travel bloggers do not make a substantial enough income to live off of. They gain income by putting ads on their blogs or sponsorships. If you don’t have enough consistent viewers, however, you won’t be making much money. If you become one of the few lucky ones, then you’ll be living the life all travel enthusiasts dream of! Being paid to visit places around the world and write about your experiences is a goal for many.

Flight Attendant / Pilot

If you love to travel, then become a flight attendant or a pilot! You’ll constantly visit new places as you go from destination to destination. Becoming a pilot takes a bit longer and involves more training. It takes about 4 years to get your pilot’s license. On the other hand, the flight attendant training course only takes 10 weeks. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be getting on planes and ending up in different destinations almost every day/week. One day you could fly to Dubai, and then the next, Moscow. Flight attendants and pilots can also earn discounted flights for family members, so hook your family up!

jobs for people who love to travel


Joining the military is not for everyone. There are rigorous physical and mental requirements for candidates. However, if you’re able to go through them, you’ll have the chance to visit many places around the globe. After completing basic training, you’ll have the opportunity of being deployed to many different places. The USA has military bases in about 70 countries around the world. Who knows where you’ll end up!

Cruise Ship Worker

Want to travel the seas without having to join the Navy? Then being a cruise ship worker is the job for you. There are many jobs on a cruise ship that work for the duration of the cruise. From engineers, performers to travel coordinators, you could be taking care of guests or making ship repairs. There are many jobs on a cruise ship, and you are most likely eligible to do at least one. You’ll have to work during the duration of the trip, but you’ll also end up at the destination and have some downtime at each place. Plus you’ll get free food and lodging!

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English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

An ESL teacher is one that teaches English as a second language. ESL teachers travel around the globe and instruct non-native speakers to help them speak, read, and write English. Asia is by far the most popular continent for ESL teachers. China, South Korea, and Vietnam being the most popular countries. As an ESL teacher, you will be able to teach in various settings; public, private, or even at the student’s home. Becoming an ESL teacher requires you have a Bachelor’s degree and, most often, former teaching experience.

Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is a volunteer organization that provides international aid and support. With the Peace Corps being a volunteer opportunity, you will not be paid. You will, however, get a monthly stipend. This small paycheck is for all lodging, food, and other living needs. After spending 2 years with the Peace Corps, you will be given $10,000 to help with your reintegration into society. In the Peace Corps, you have the option to choose between many places throughout the world. However, the most common positions are in Africa and Asia. You’ll work on many things. From home building to educating village children, there is never a dull day as you travel the globe helping those who need it.

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Sporting Scout

Every sports team needs scouts. Soccer, hockey, and football teams are consistently on the lookout for new talent. This means hiring people whose sole purpose is to travel the country (or even the world), watch games, and scout new talent. These people write reports on players they watch and send their analysis to the recruitment team. Because of the increasing competitiveness in sports, scouts are constantly traveling to get ahead of the competition. However, you’ll have to know your sport inside and out and be able to demonstrate this level of expertise.

Truck Driver

Love to drive long distances and visit different places? Truck driving might be the perfect opportunity for you! Truckers typically start their day incredibly early in the morning and can be expected to work up to 70 hours a week. The upside? You’ll be spending your entire day driving through new places. Most drivers are expected to cover 125,000 miles per year. That’s a whole lot of driving!

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Everybody wants to be Indiana Jones. Travel the world, uncover historical items, and fight bad guys. As an archaeologist, you’ll do all of this (Except for fighting bad guys). Archeologists travel the world searching for artifacts left behind by ancient civilizations. Think Ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia. To be an Archeologist, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in a subject similar to Anthropology or History.

Travel Agent

Travel agents market and sell transportation, hotels, activities, and flights to the general public. They also advise on itineraries and plan trips for customers. Because of these responsibilities, it’s required that a travel agent has experience traveling the world. You can’t give good travel advice if you’ve never traveled! If you consider being a travel agent, you should have great attention to detail and communicate thoroughly. Plus, you’ll know all the best places to go and where to stay!

jobs for people who love to travel


If traveling is your passion, find a job that allows you to live your passion every day. The jobs listed above are only a small amount compared to the possibilities you have. Set forth and see the world!

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